Thursday, April 3

Broken Prayer---Whole Hope

My mind is weighted
Can you tell?
I walk along the beach
Alone at night
Wrapping my arms around myself
I feel nearer to you
Then I've ever felt
Closing my eyes
The stars have never shined brighter
A thousand diamonds on my mind
None on my hand
But all that doesnt matter
Not now; not anymore
I've learned how to stand on my own
I can see so much better
The sky has never been clearer
A smile has been sprinkled across my jaded lips
The cool air blows through my tangled hair
Shards of paper rest in the center of a clenched fist
A broken smile
A fractured face
Resting in the palm of my hand
What a strange twist
For so long I was in your hands
Now your in mine
But not for long.

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