Thursday, April 3

If I Woke Up Next To You

To Each of You

To Brittani,
you are my best friend
who can never be replaced
with your sweet smile
and crazy sense of humor
mood swings
and all the times you stopped talking to me
I miss you
I miss the days spent
on my porch talking about life
or sitting in my kitchen
coloring my hair
I love you
Eveything we've done or said
I miss

To Krystal,
I know we've had our rough times
I was rude and
we both said mean things
but that has passed
I miss the times we've shared
a good party always lasts-at least the memories
I miss your crazy wild attitude
adn the night of my birthday
Your crazy ass and
Tattoos and piercings
I miss you

To Holly,
Skipping class, crazy mornings
loud music, strange conversations
I miss you
and your laughter
all of the good times we've had
Dances and sociology
Green cars and energy drinks
I miss you slut pouch

To Kalie,
Laughter, wild hair
Drama, leaving class
Pepsi and cake
Dances and dreams
THese are times i think of you
Tons of myspace bulletins
and xanga
I miss you too.

To Roland,
Black trucks
Kisses behind and abandoned house
Creepy old man following us
Creative writing
Night at the museum
Kissing in the rain
Laughter and agreement on everything
I miss you

To Lindsay
Penis, Sex, journalism
Bowling, meetings
Lord of the Rings
Twister, Sorry, and Uno
Lunches and Karokee
I miss you

To Heather,
Marketing sucide
T-Bo and APE
Cready & Pickens
Huckleberry Finn & Shakespeare
I miss you

To Chris
Cocaine (Thank you for it)
Women's lit
Darts and times at my house
Graduation and long talks
I miss you

To Paul,
Journalism, music
Videos and off the wall talk
Paul newman, stealing
I miss you

To Steve,
Marketing, Pickens
Journalism, music
Long talks, hugs
I miss you

To Jon,
Bob Dylan, guitars
Brighteyes, Journalism,
Talking, individualism
I miss you

To Resa,
Crazy child, Ghost Rider
Laughter, writing, reading
Library, Mrs. Noll
I miss you

To Elise,
Stealng Cabs, monkey boy
College, English
I miss you

To Sarah
I miss you

To Tina,
Crazy girl
I miss you

I miss each and everyone of you
I know there are so many more
I've forgotten
I am getting homesick
I miss the times we've had
I can't wait to see you
Even though I dont knwo when it will be
Until then know this:

I love you
I miss you
all very very much

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