Thursday, April 3



Look at me, I dont care
You’ll see what you want to
But before you put me on that godforsaken pedestal
Hear me:

I’m a nineteen year old trainwreck
In class all day
Work all night
Theres not much time for myself

I dont let anyone in

I’m an ex fiance
A lover
The date
An ex girlfriend

But I still go to bed alone

My head is buzzing with the words I never say
Notebooks litter the floor
Wadded up dreams lay at the bottom of a waste basket
I’ve lost who I am

Still want to be me?

Self centered
Emotionally deprived

I just want to feel alive again

Published author
Good student
Never shows up late for work
Helps everyone

Lonely in a sea of people

New dreams
New hopes
Are fragile
And break without a moment’s notice

Thats what has happened to me.

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