Thursday, April 3

Close Call

Close Call

A bit of whiskey
And my tongue is loose
Slipped right off the hinges
Trembling fingers pick up the phone

A soft ring hums in my ears
Or is it just the buzzing from the shots
I panic: Why am I doing this?
I know its not right

But I continue to wait
wait for the voice of judgement
I know who it is from the moment he breathes
Its what I have been waiting for

what do I say
what do I do
what is going to happen
What am I doing?

After his words it went blurry
My words were slurred
Did i just say I love you again?
Did i just say I want you more?

how much of this will i remember
I dont know
I dont care
I have him on the line

Liquid courage is all i need
But will it last
will it wipe my memory clean
There is a click

hes is gone
I’ve lost him yet again
i curl naked in a ball
clutching the phone close

it was nothing
but a close call
the final call
the curtain call

It is all over now
And I cant remember a word said
Sometimes I wish I could
but i know better.

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